My name is Kris Montgomery and I am a former business analyst turned stay-at-home mom looking for new adventures with my young family.

My husband, Bill, and I have always enjoyed exploring the various parks and greenways in Raleigh;  however, it was usually to find bike trails, tennis courts, and other outdoor adventure activities.  Since Ashley was born in March 2011 and Claire in July 2013, the features and activities we were looking for in parks changed.  I didn’t find the city or county websites very helpful for selecting criteria you were looking for in a park, so we’re going to visit the various parks, playgrounds, trails, and pools and report back on this blog.  Please enjoy and I hope to see you out and about in the Greater Raleigh area!

I’m always interested in new opportunities for collaboration and sponsorship.  Here’s how to contact me:

I am a community enthusiast dedicated to promoting Greater Raleigh parks and recreation through this personal blog.  This personal blog is not affiliated with the City of Raleigh or Wake County; all ideas and opinions are my own.

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  1. Your blog about Harveyville, Kansas is simply wonderful!! I enjoyed reading every word, and learning so much about family history. Thank you Kris!!

  2. Thanks for your wonder and useful free app, RGreenways, it is what I’ve been looking for to help me navigate the Capital Area Greenway System. The Raleigh Greenway is an extremely nice resource but I find it lacks basic signage to help the explorer figure out where trails go and how they interconnect. I think it would be a nice addition to your wonderful app if trails could be identified simply by clicking on them and if additionally directional pointers would show what lies to the right and left at T-intersections and trailways crossings! Also a search engine designed to locate parks and trails, etc. would be super nice. Thank you so much for your gift to Raleigh residents. Love your work! Raleigh Parks & Rec maps have thus far proven to be (for me) difficult to navigate and use while your RGreenways app is a huge improvement. Thank you again!

    • Ed, thanks for reading my blog. Unfortunately, I can’t claim the RGreenways app as mine. It is super useful and definitely bridges the gap between the City’s maps. Please contact the RGreenways folks directly to submit comments and ideas – http://rgreenways.com

  3. One more quick comment in the way of a suggestion. Wouldn’t it be awesome if one could choose two points on the map and have the RGreenways app calculate distance along with a focused map that follows Greenway trails between those two points! Thanks again!

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