3-year Blogiversary & 2014 Summer Bucket List

20140601-221046.jpgSo apparently it’s common in the blogging world to celebrate the yearly date of your first blog post aka your “blogiversary.” I’m sorry I don’t have any freebies to give away but I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has read, commented and supported me with this blog over the past three years. I had no idea what a resource it would become and am tickled whenever I meet someone new and discover they’ve visited the blog for outing ideas! I’ve loved exploring the Greater Raleigh Parks & beyond over the past three years and am continuously amazed by the facilities and activities we discover.

But now that preschool is over for the school year it’s time to set some goals for new (and old) places to visit and things to do this summer! In no particular order, here’s my kiddo-friendly summertime bucket list:


  1. Visit the library
  2. Play with water balloons
  3. Visit the Eno River State Park
  4. Camp in the backyard
  5. Attend an outdoor concert
  6. Visit Fearrington
  7. Paddle board at Lake Wheeler
  8. Take Ashley fishing
  9. Play with the slip n slide
  10. Let the kiddos enjoy the water fountains at NC Museum of Art after a Stroller Strides class
  11. Go blueberry picking
  12. Discover three new parks (and be current on blog posts)
  13. Catch lightning bugs
  14. Explore the Prairie Ridge Ecostation again
  15. Survive solo trips to the pool with both kids
  16. Take Ashley to the movies
  17. Attend a Durham Bulls game
  18. Discover a new (to us) brewery
  19. Make s’mores
  20. Fly a kite
  21. Watch the Sandlot movie
  22. Visit Waverly Place splash area in Cary
  23. Walk for ice cream at the new Quail Corners Creamery in our ‘hood
  24. Grill homemade pizza
  25. Visit the farmers’ market
  26. Go to the beach
  27. Visit the Asheboro zoo
  28. Play putt putt
  29. Enjoy a bushel of crabs
  30. Take a boat ride
  31. Stomp in rain puddles
  32. Watch the clouds overhead

(With trepidation) I’m looking forward to my first full summer home with both girls. This might seem like a busy list, but I’ve got some energetic girls who will keep me on my toes! I know the next three months will fly by but we’ll have great memories and photos to cherish so #bringonsummer!

7 thoughts on “3-year Blogiversary & 2014 Summer Bucket List

  1. Congrats on your “blogiversary,” Kris!! This means you started this when Ashley was only about 3 months old – wow. We have enjoyed every blog and all the pictures, too. You are a great photographer. We hope you get to fulfill every item in your awesome bucket list this summer. 😀

  2. It’s been such fun to vicariously visit the parks with you and the little offspring through these three years. Would that every little kid had such inventive and responsive parents. Your summer list is impressive… and, so add, lie in the grass and find figures in the clouds… and soap bubbles. Add glycerine to make them last longer! Much love to you all. Grandma Bev

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