Brier Creek Park

Wow, it’s amazing to think how much the Brier Creek area has changed from when I first moved there almost 9 years ago!  I didn’t recognize most of the streets or shopping areas, which may be why I got a bit lost on our way to Brier Creek Park, the park of our second day of Christmas.

Brier Creek Park is located right next to Brier Creek Elementary School. Even though the address is 10810 Globe Rd, you actually enter from Bruckhaus St unless coming by foot, where there are sidewalks galore leading to the paved walking trail inside the park.

Inside this park, you’ll find basic features. There’s a large covered pavilion with nine picnic tables and large grill, public restrooms, two soccer fields, and a small playground for ages 2-12. The playground has a few structures for climbing on and around and a few slides. The surface is made of the spongy material, which is great for the crawlers. Even though it’s a small playground, it’s probably a great place for younger siblings to burn off some energy when the older ones are playing soccer nearby.

Thumbs up: walk ability, pavilion area, large open recreational fields

Thumb down:  little shade and landscaping, no swings on playground

8 thoughts on “Brier Creek Park

  1. WOW, I know you and Ashley are very busy doing 12 parks in 12 days!! But NO pics of that precious baby!!!
    Ya’ll keep up the great work!! I hope the citizens of Raleigh appreciate all the hard work you and Ashley are doing!!

  2. Another wonderful city park, but no baby in sight.
    Won’t Ashley have fun here in a year or two. I’ll bet
    she won’t even miss the swings with all the opportunity
    for tots to climb and pretend.

  3. What is the distance of the tracks? That is useful information to those that want to track their fitness or are training.

    • I believe the walking trail around the park is about 1/4 mile or even less. It’s a rather short trail, but connects to several of the sidewalks on the surrounding streets.

    • I don’t remember a fenced-in area at the Brier Creek tot playground. However, most playgrounds in the city now don’t allow dogs so my assumption would be to leave your dog at home. Feel free to contact the city directly for their specific policy –

  4. Dear Sir/Madam:

    Happy New Years! If possible, can one of your representatives reach out to us please, we are interested in renting the soccer field at the part for our soccer practices, no games, just practices.


    Cell: 973-489-1520

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