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My Raleigh Bucket List

Most of us have a bucket list of some type.  Whether it’s a list we’ve written down or something we recall from memory, it’s something personal to everyone.  Since moving to Raleigh nine years ago, my bucket list has always been a random list of things I remember only when I’m passing by a certain place.  At that time I’ll think, “Oh, that’s on my list of places to try” or “What did I want to try the other day”? So many times I’m reminded of these places or ideas, but I’ve never actually written them down until now.  Walking around downtown Raleigh the other weekend with the family and going to Side Street Restaurant last weekend reminded me that I should write down my list, refer to it, and start checking items off.  So, here’s my little Raleigh Bucket List (that will grow and shrink over time, I’m sure):

  1. Eat at Side Street Restaurant (completed, April 14, 2012)
  2. Eat at Second Empire
  3. Visit Jordan Lake Park (completed Father’s Day, 2012)
  4. Run the Krispy Kreme Challenge (run completed, 2010)
  5. Take a day trip to Charlotte via train
  6. Find the perfect turkey burger
  7. Visit Falls Lake
  8. Visit the biker bar on US-64 (completed pregnant, circa Feb 2011)
  9. Go to the Goat (completed, circa summer 2010)
  10. Go to the Raleigh Drive-In (completed, circa spring 2011)
  11. Eat at The Rockford (completed, circa 2009)
  12. Eat at Clyde’s
  13. Eat at Mecca
  14. Visit Father & Son consignment
  15. Visit the Eclectic Furniture Garden (completed, May 2013)
  16. Eat breakfast at Finch’s aka “The Feed Lot” by friend, Steve (completed, circa 2007)
  17. Mother’s Day brunch at Rose Garden
  18. Visit Historic Oakwood Cemetary
  19. Take the Historic Oakwood Christmas Candlelight Tour
  20. Take the Governor’s mansion tour
  21. Ride down Fayetteville St in a rickshaw (yes, Bill, I’m that simple) (completed July 6, 2012)
  22. See a race at Wake County Speedway (completed, circa 2008)
  23. Eat at Crowley’s (completed, February 2012)
  24. Eat at Glenwood Grill (completed, June 2013)
  25. Sell a house, btw cute cape cod for sale! (completed Sept 2012)
  26. Dinner at Angus barn (completed several times over the years)
  27. See an IMAX movie at Marbles
  28. See “A Christimas Carol” at Theater in the Park
  29. See a concert at Lincoln Theater
  30. Watch the Canes play (completed several times over the years)
  31. See a country concert at Alltel Pavilion (completed several times over the years)
  32. See a ballet at Memorial Auditorium (completed, circa 2009)
  33. Attend First Friday in downtown Raleigh (completed several times over the years)
  34. Watch the Raleigh Symphony Orchestra
  35. Eat at Berkeley Cafe
  36. Visit all the Raleigh parks
  37. See a concert at the downtown Raleigh Amphitheater
  38. Take a ride on the Pullen Park carousel (completed, Nov 2011)
  39. Take a day trip to New Bern, NC
  40. Visit the Smithfield outlets
  41. Eat at Hayes Barton Cafe (completed, June 2013)
  42. Have drinks on Raleigh Times Bar rooftop
  43. Visit all Raleigh breweries (Big Boss, Gizmo, Crank Arm, Boylan Bridge, Trophy, Lonerider, Raleigh Brewing Company, Natty Greene’s, Nickelpoint Brewing, Sub Noir Brewing)

Are there items not on my Raleigh Bucket List that I should add?

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