Raleigh Snow Day 2014

20140130-073545.jpgWhile this isn’t a typical park-related post, I wanted to make a note of the fun snow memories and photos from the big Raleigh Snowpocalypse of 2014!  Yesterday will go down as one of the best.days.ever!  We got about 3 inches of snow in Raleigh and spent the day making amazing family memories in our ‘hood.  Bill worked from home so he was also able to enjoy in the snow festivities.  And, thanks to my mom Ashley was outfitted with snow pants and the best sledding saucer!

Yesterday was all about being a kid and I constantly found myself recounting fun childhood snowy day memories, especially all the exciting sledding we did on Beech Dr in Lake Arrowhead.  I look forward to so many more snowy day memories even though yesterday was pretty jam packed with sledding in the neighborhood, drinking hot cocoa, eating grilled cheese sandwiches, watching a movie, taking amazing naps, making snow ice cream (see recipe) and making snow angels and snowmen. My favorite moment had to be when Ashley came inside after a long round 2 of sledding and snowman building with Bill and recounted her adventure to Claire, who was grinning ear to ear in her high chair. I love those girls!

So, here are some photos from our snow day:

6 thoughts on “Raleigh Snow Day 2014

  1. what a wonderful day!! and don’t forget the sledding towards the pond at Willowmere!! Naughty Kris, Ginni and Bro!!

  2. What wonderful news, that you all had a great day in the snow. Makes me remember that side yard on Rainbow Drive and the clear run we made for sleds and skis… which every kid loved until a neighbor introduced them to a ski area with a rope tow. Our kids still recall getting mom (me) on a saucer and telling me it was easy to steer… right into a tree. Glad you had three inches to enjoy. MN this morning has five new inches and it is blowing and drifting about. Love it that you are having such good family fun. Civilization is safe!!

    • Oh, poor Gma…I can’t believe they tricked you right into a tree! What fun memories with your babes, though! Sending warm NC vibes your way 🙂

  3. So glad you had this wonderful experience! Hope “global warming” provides more significant snowfalls in Raleigh! Growing up in southern CA, I dreamed of living somewhere snowy. I am so very happy that my children and grandchildren have had the opportunity. Wish you had a recording of Ashley’s description of the experience. ;-D

    • Ashley had such a blast and did another round of donuts in the front yard (imagine swinging her around while she’s sitting onto the saucer with death grip hands)!

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