Day Seven: Millbrook Exchange Park

On the seventh day of Raleigh Parks Christmas, Kris gave her husband Bill (that’s me) an assignment: visit the Carolina Pines dog park with the dog and baby while she was doing Raleigh Jaycees board of directors stuff. After some confusion about where the car seat and stroller were, we ended up at a different dog park: Millbrook Exchange.

There’s a lot going on at Millbrook Exchange: a pool, community center, tennis center, dog park, basketball courts, baseball fields, and playground. Today, we just explored the dog park.

There are actually two dog parks here, sharing a common fence: a large area (maybe 2 acres) for large dogs, and a small area (1/4 acre-ish) for small dogs. Ripken plays like a large dog, but he can get crazier than a sack of rabid weasels at the dog park and I’ve got a baby to manage, so we stick to the vacant small dog area.

There are plenty of water bowls, tennis balls, and poop bags; no need to bring your own. Lots of mature hardwoods and pines, too–perfect for shade in the summer or doggie outhouse all year round.

Ripken and Ashley both had a blast, and we left the dog park after dozens of Ripken races up and down the fence

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and horsey rides for Ashley on daddy’s shoulders.

Next, we walked around and photo-documented some of the other facilities, as you can see in the gallery below. But, it was getting close to nap time and we had to split. This one deserves another visit and a feature-length post in the spring.

Thumbs up: Lots of mature trees, tons of facilities, both large and small dog parks.

Thumbs down: Seems like parking might be an issue on nice days; it was 75% full on a damp Saturday morning in December.

5 thoughts on “Day Seven: Millbrook Exchange Park

  1. Great post! A “sack of rabid weasels”?? Great imagery! Glad Ripken had such a good time… Loved to see Ashley standing up!

  2. Hi,

    Neat site. We’re looking for parks in central/east raleigh for park days with kids aged 6-12. Millbrook Exchange comes to mind. We’re looking for parks equidistant from Crabtree Valley Mall, the intersection of 98 and six forks, and Garner as there will be 3 families coming from these three locations.

    Any suggestions?


    • Hi Peter – sorry for the late reply…somehow my comment notifications weren’t set up. Some suggestions for you – Eastgate Park, Cedar Hills Park, Green Rd Park and Marsh Creek Park. I’m getting ready to post reviews of Cedar Hills and Green Rd this week. I’ve not been to Marsh Creek yet, but from the pics online, it looks like a fun park for kids in those age ranges. Millbrook is definitely another great one to take them too! Enjoy and thanks for reading.


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