Twelve Days of Raleigh Parks

So, my friend, Kelly (see Sarah Duke Gardens post) has started a tradition of doing Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies that involves some 28 sticks of butter, pounds of sugar and flour, and different types of candies to make twelve different homemade batches of cookies.  Instead of getting elbow-deep in flour and sugar, Ashley and I are going to get knee-deep in some playground sand!  For the next 12 days, we’ll visit a new park each day and then hopefully get a mini-post added shortly thereafter.

If there are parks you’re looking for more information about or have suggestions for a park we should visit in Raleigh, please send them our way!

5 thoughts on “Twelve Days of Raleigh Parks

  1. The visit to parks for 12 days is bound to result in two healthier people!
    Good for you. Does that recipe really call for 28 sticks of butter?

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