Lassiter Mill Park

Lassiter Mill Park is a hidden gem of a park.  It is located inside the belt line at the intersection of Lassiter Mill Rd & Lassiter Falls Circle and is home to a beautiful dam where Crabtree Creek flows through.  You can see remnants of the old working mill on the far side of the creek. There is also a plaque with information about the mill on the bank of the water.

Ashley sitting near the information plaque for the old mill
View of the dam from the bank of the creek
Old mill on the opposite side of the creek

This is a great spot to bring a picnic lunch and eat in the open fields or on one of the few picnic tables. For the adventurers, shimmy down the rocky stairs for a closer view of the water. I wouldn’t recommend doing this with a baby unless you have a helper (thanks Bill).  There are also plenty of spots for fishing and signs along the water displaying fishing rules and regulations.

Bill with Ashley on the rocks near the dam
Ashley and I looking across the dam
Another view of the dam

Parking is rather limited so come early.

After you’ve finished exploring the park, walk on the paved path towards Lassiter Mill Road and make a left. After the bridge, cross the street where you’ll find access to the Crabtree Creek Trail, which is perfect for biking, walking, or running with the Bob Stroller. We walked for about a mile on this paved section and then had a picnic on one of the many benches along the greenway. There is an open field with picnic tables but we weren’t up to pushing the stroller through medium-height grass. Along the way we also walked over a beautiful bridge that would make for great photo ops!

The open area with a few picnic tables
The bridge we crossed over is great for photo ops
Crabtree Creek Trail is paved and wide – perfect for all adventures!
The entrance to the trail from Lassiter Mill Rd

Thumbs up: beautiful scenery, walking trails, picnic/photo ops

Thumbs down: access to dam

16 thoughts on “Lassiter Mill Park

  1. Would you provide more details on how to find this park? Address? nearest street and cross street?

  2. It’s at the intersection of Old Lassiter Mill Rd and Lassister Mill Rd. If you turn onto Lassiter Mill Rd from Glenwood Ave, it’ll be about 2 miles down on your left. It’s right after you pass St. David’s school. I’ve included the info on the Maps page, but I’ll also update the post with the info so others can find it too. Have fun!

    • As far as I know dogs have only been banned from the playground areas of parks. So, yes I’d bring my dog on a leash there. It’s a great walk for them! Enjoy!

  3. It is located at the intersection of Lassiter falls circle and Lassiter mill rd, if you use the other intersection in your gps you will get hopelessly lost.

    • Hi Jackelyn – thanks so much for bringing this to my attention…I’ve fixed the location in my post!
      – Kris

  4. There’s a hole alongside the greenway at this park, in the patch of grass closest to Lassiter mill road. The hole is about 2 feet deep and now with the leaves falling is not very visible. Please fix this soon.

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